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10 Best TV programs to learn French


So nowadays everybody can have access to French TV  on your laptops and on your smartphones wherever you are in the world and all that for free.In order to improve your listening skills in French we recommend to watch TV programs. Here is a list of French TV shows you can watch. You will find links to watch all our recommended French TV shows below the description of each show. When possible, try to watch those French TV shows  with French subtitles. It will probably hard at the beginning to understand everything but trust the process and we can assure you that you will greatly improve your listening skills. You can watch most of those French TV shows on Youtube, so it is completely FREE and you don’t need to download anything. Yay !


Plus belle la vie (More beautiful life)

  • Duration: 25 mins per episode
  • Genre: Soap Opera
  • Number of episodes: More than 3500 episodes
  • Summary: Plus belle la vie is a TV show created in 2004. The show follows the lives and adventures of the inhabitants of the Mistral, a fictional neighborhood in the city of Marseille, France.
  • Why we recommend this show: You can follow the daily life of different french people (different social status, different ages, different backgrounds). It gives a good insight in French people’s daily lives.The language is really realistic and accessible.
  • Link to watch: https: //ipblv.blogspot.com.au/2017/02/pblv-en-avance-episode-prime-time-to-replay.html


Fais pas ci, fais pas ça (Don’t do this, don’t do that)

  • Duration: 42 mins per episode.
  • Genre: Comedy Show.
  • Number of episodes: 68 episodes.
  • Summary: The TV show follows the daily life of two neighbor families, the Bouley family and the Lepic family. The two families raise their kids with two opposite methods.The Lepic family is very conservative whereas the Bouley family is very laid back. In spite of their social and cultural differences the two families are friends and have to face similar issues.  
  • Why we recommend this show: This show is very popular in France and shows interesting dynamics within  French families. The humour in the show is fresh and typically French.
  • Link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/FaisPasCiFaisPasCaHD/featured


Le jour où tout a basculé (The day where everything changed dramatically)

  • Duration: 26 mins per episode
  • Genre: Scripted reality
  • Number of episodes:  230 episodes
  • Summary: Each episode  is a reconstitution of real and fictional minor news item. The themes usually explored in the show are betrayal, love stories, etc…
  • Why we recommend this show:: Every episode follows a new story line so everybody can find an interesting episode to watch. The story lines are very easy to understand so you can focus on the French language without being scared of not understanding the story.
  • Link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM-jnQFQ840OqbILltkEIFA


Scènes de ménages (Domestic quarrels)

  • Duration: Around 10 mins per episode
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Number of episodes: 3316 episodes
  • Summary: Scènes de ménages follows the daily life of 5 very different couples.Marion and Cedric,  young couple around their thirties. Liliane and José around their fifties and Huguette and Raymond around their seventies. After a couple of seasons two new couples have been added to the show.
  • Why we recommend this show: This show is perfect for more advanced learners as the characters speak quickly and make a lot of jokes that only advanced learners will be able to fully understand. Moreover this show is extremely funny so you will have a great time watching it.
  • Link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l_e-p6nxqs


Un gars une fille (A lad and a girl)

  • Duration: 6 mins per episode.
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Number of episodes:485 episodes.
  • Summary: This comedy follows the daily life of a couple around their thirties, Jean aka “Loulou” and Alexandra aka “Chouchou”. From trivial situations ( at home, on the phone, in the kitchen, in the car, etc.) to more crazy situations ( lost on a desert island, on holidays in Hong Kong, during their break up, etc.).
  • Why we recommend this show: This French TV show was one of the most popular TV shows in France. Everybody can relate to at least one funny situation. Moreover this French TV show is perfect to learn  French ‘people speak’ in France. An intermediate level is required to watch the show as the pace can be quick.
  • Link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/UnGarsUneFille


Envoyé spécial (Special Correspondent)

  • Duration: 30 mins per report
  • Genre: Magazine
  • Summary:Envoyé spécial is a weekly magazine about French societal issues and events.The magazine also talk about worldwide societal issues and challenges.
  • Why we recommend this show: Envoyé spécial provides high quality reports about a lot of different topics about France and the world. The link provided leads to Envoyé spécial ‘s YouTube channel where you have the option to put  French subtitles, which can help you in improving your listening skills.
  • Link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCauEjHzPXxGer8af3u4x5g


Les carnets de Julie (Julie’s notebook)

  • Duration: 52 mins per episode
  • Genre: Cooking show
  • Summary: In every episode, Julie Andrieu travels around France to make the viewers discover French specialties. She also meet professional chefs and food lovers.
  • Why we recommend this show:  If you are a food lover this French TV program is perfect for you. We also recommend this show because as Julie travels in  different French regions, it is a great opportunity to get to know more about the geography of France and try to spot the different French accents along the way.
  • Link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/LescarnetsdeJulie


Rendez-vous en terre inconnue ( Rendez-vous  on an unknown land)  

  • Duration: 100  mins per episode
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Summary: In each episode a French celebrity is going to an unknown destination to meet and live with a unknow population. The aim of the show is to introduce the viewer to an unknown and remote population whose culture and traditions are threatened by the  modern lifestyle.
  • Why we recommend this show: This show is really one of a kind. It links  travel, culture and emotions. The pace is not to quick and the vocabulary is accessible.Moreover, you have the option to put French  subtitles on.
  • Link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLp01oSeaIBxV_KcrH2_CMg


Quotidien (Daily)

  • Duration: 1 hour 35 min
  • Genre: News/Entertainment
  • Number of episodes: 225 shows
  • Summary: Quotidien is a  news show hosted by Yann Barthès. Everyday the show highlight major news items with humour and sometimes sarcasm.
  • Why we recommend this show:This show is perfect to follow French news with a fresh and different angle. It is a good source of information on so many different topics such as politics, economy, entertainment etc.
  • Link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi-4daExRSchtsJzO06rwA


Tout le monde veut prendre sa place (Everybody wants to take his/her seat)

  • Duration: 47 mins per show
  • Genre: Game Show
  • Number of episodes: More than 4000 shows
  • Summary: In this daily show, 6 candidates answer general knowledge questions to become the “challenger of the day” and face at the end of the show the “champion” in order to take his/her seat hence the title of the show,Tout le monde veut prendre sa place (Everybody wants to take his/her seat).
  • Why we recommend this show: Tout le monde veut prendre sa place is an extremely entertaining  game show. Every question appear on the screen so you can read every question, pause the video if necessary and look for the words you don’t know for example.
  • Link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2RNsHp-tWY&list=PLufJWhDPieLLQaJNLdLr1DqtGcw-2iDsu
Best TV Series to learn French

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