• Are My French Story teachers all French native speakers ?

Yes, our teachers are all French native speakers. Moreover, they all have a Working with Children Check.

• I miss one (several) class, can I get a refund ?

We offer all of our students the opportunity to attend make up classes if they happen to miss one or multiple sessions (depending on availabilities).

• I miss a class how can I catch up ?

Your teacher will get in touch with you if you miss a class and will give you a summary of the lesson you missed as well as exercises.

• Can I register for a group class and a private lesson ?

Yes of course. If you feel that you need to attend a group session and a private session we strongly encourage you to do so.

• Can I change the class in the middle of the term ?

Yes, it is possible to change the class during the term. Please contact My French Story team to change class (myfrenchstory@gmail.com).

• Do I need to buy any textbooks for my class ?

No, you don’t need to buy any textbooks for your class. My French Story provides all students with necessary material. However, your teacher might recommend you books and textbook if you wish extra work.

• How do I pay ?

You have two options. You can either pay by bank transfer or pay by cheque. Payments need to be done at least one week prior the beginning of the class.