5 keys to start the year on track !


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1 – Know your strengths and your weaknesses


Before starting working on your french you need to know on what you will have to focus your efforts. That’s why you need to know what are your strengths and weaknesses in french : are you good in grammar but bad at pronunciation or conversation ? Then you’ll know what you’ll have to improve. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to practice your grammar again. Work on your weaknesses while you strengthen the rest. You know the expression : “Don’t rest on your laurels”.


2 –  Do your homework seriously


If you are studying French at school, Uni or with a French tutor make sure you stay consistent with your work. Not doing your homework seriously each week will lead you to not learn and assimilate important points. The thing with learning a new language is that you need to train and practice as often as you can. Doing your homework seriously will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on it.


3 – Get a french tutor


If you can : get a french tutor ! That’s the best way to improve your french. Having a person tutoring you each week will help you improve your grammar, your pronunciation, your conversation and get ready for your french exams throughout the year. It’s an hour during which you’ll be able to practice with a native french speaker. This is also the occasion to have an objective point of vue on your level and what you need to improve. If you are having an important French exam this year such as the french VCE, a french tutor will get you ready with an intensive preparation.


4 – Listen and read in french


One of the best way to understand the structure of a language is to listen and read in that language. You need to read in french and listen to french as often as you can : articles, books, french tv shows (here), podcasts…all the ways are good. Being confronted to french in real situations will help you understand more faster the meaning of texts or audios even if you don’t know all the vocabulary. In addition of improving your pronunciation, your reading and your conversational skills, you’ll learn a lot of new vocabulary.


5 – Find a study buddy


Find yourself a study buddy for french classes. No need to tell you that it’s way more motivating to work with a friend than by your own. And the interesting point is that you can practice together and mostly test each other on your grammar, pronunciation, reading skills… This will also help you get ready for your french exams and get good grades.  

5 keys to start the year on track in French

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